Prices, Terms and Conditions

Prices for illustration work are charged per project. In some cases I would choose to charge per hour.

Hourly rate: € 55,- excluding taxes (depending on the job, taxes are 6 or 21% of the total sum)

For some types of illustration work I have fixed guidelines:

Detailed pencil drawings on paper (black/white)

0 – 10 cm, A5: starts at € 150.00

10 – 20 cm, A4: starts at € 225.00

20 – 30 cm, A3: starts at € 300.00

Delivery: depending on the complexity of the job, after at least three weeks.

Decorated letter on high quality, heavy paper (10×15)

Starting at € 55.00

Delivery: after 7 days.

Announcements and invitations

Designing starts at € 300.00

This is without any additional costs like printing costs

Delivery: depending on the complexity of the job, after at least one month.

Additional costs / higher rates

A higher rate and/or additional costs could be appropriate in every case, and depends on matters such as:

  • size of the job
  • complexity of the illustration work
  • purpose of the artwork
  • size of the client
  • amount of time or how often it will be used
  • geographic regions it will be used
  • deadline

Terms and Conditions

When you contact me to order an illustration, we have discussed what the exact content of the job will be and we have come to an agreement about things like budget and time, I will send you a contract. In the contract you will find all the points we have agreed on and an explanation of the terms and conditions that come with ordering an illustration from me. The main points that are described in the terms and conditions are copyright, ownership, cancellation, etc.